The Moroccan Handmade brass lamp
The Moroccan Handmade brass lamp
The Moroccan Handmade brass lamp
The Moroccan Handmade brass lamp
The Moroccan Handmade brass lamp
The Moroccan Handmade brass lamp

The Moroccan Handmade brass lamp

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~Made by our experienced and talented Artisans from Morocco ~
The Moroccan Handmade brass lamp .

This unique Lamp is a Made-to-order item,a specially handcrafted piece from our expert Maalem craftsmen who give the light it's extraordinary and intricate design. !


Height 31cm x Width 13cm

  • Epic design with beautiful light reflection
  • Length: 12.20 inches 
  • Width: 5.11 inches
  • Materials used: Copper 

One of a kind, genuine copper (brass) metal table lamp, handmade by the artisans of Marrakech. 

Each piece is different and unique. You might notice slight imperfections on your piece which is a testimony to the handicraft process.

The beautiful design reflects the unique handicraft of piercing in copper and the material makes it durable and gives it richness.

This moroccan style and design is perfect for you !

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This beautiful lamp adds coziness to any corner of your home and when lit, soft light shines through the delicate pattern and it adds an array of beautiful patterns on the surroundings which sets the tone for a relaxing time.

This piece of art will definitely add positive vibes to any room or office.

The lamp is made from intricate cutout patterned copper - please note this can be sharp inside due to the cutout pattern - not suitable for children.

Also note that the surface may get hot when the lamp is on.

-Your order will be filled as quickly as possible. Most items are shipped  via FedEx  28 hours after you place the order .
This Lamp comes in a unique color unique forme  .


♥ Commitment to giving back ♥
Madekilim is now helping 4  communities in Marrakech and khemissat (20km from Marrakech) to build more nurseries and better established schools, and supporting the independence of women in the Agafay area. We will be donating 5% on every product sold in our shop. Help us raise funds to keep our support going on. 

Very limited quantity ! Do not miss this rare & unique item !
The color of the leather may change depending on the light. 
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